Thursday, 18 April 2013

My plant at home has many new shoots, weekly but the leaves are very dull and dry. It’s not thriving with bright green and white leaves like the plant with the fish in it. My plants water needs to be changed regularly as it’s always turning brown and the plant in the lab, its water is crystal clear. The color of the leaves of my plant at home are a brownish green even the stem is turning a brownish green where as the plant with the fish is growing quite healthily due to the fish supplying the plant with necessary nutrients. My plant is growing more roots downwards because its looking for nutrients further down the jar. The plant in the lab however has a few  roots only and is growing upright but my plant is growing at a slant and doesn't look healthy and well flourished even though it does not get direct sunlight as these plants are shy of sunlight. There aren’t many leaves that are dying on the plant in the lab. The jar with the plant and the fish is also clean including the pebbles at the bottom where as the bottom of my jar at home isn’t so clean. The plants with the fish in have different environmental conditions compared to my plant at home. The plants and fish in the lab are kept at warmer temperatures because the fish survive can only survive in warmer environments but my plant at home is exposes to all sorts of weather conditions like extreme winds,heavy rainfall and sometimes sunlight and clear skies that could also be a reason why my plant isn’t growing as healthily as the plant in the lab. My plant is purely surviving on water and sunlight and its doing fairly okay.

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