Sunday, 14 April 2013

Home plant study

Since I have been given my plant on the 11th of March 2013, it has been growing and developing very nicely. Since I removed the plant from the soil and placed it in a glass of tap water, I've only changed the water twice, but on both of those occasions the water still remained clear with a bit of soil sediments resting on the bottom. My plant had red leaves when it was given to me at first, and over time the bottom leaves were growing large but simultaneously dying as well. Also as this was happening, new shoots were developing very rapidly and sprouting new leaves that are not red but instead a very strong green colour. The plant rests inside the house on a shelf where it receives a lot of indirect sunlight. It also sits next to another plant in the house which could affect the plant somehow but I will need to research it. There has still been no flowers budding yet which makes me wonder if this is a flowering plant. It also appears that new shoots and new leaves are developing faster than the leaves that are dying. Also from what I have seen from the plant at the lab with the fish in it, that plant seems to be developing a lot better than the plant at home which means that the fish is obviously providing nutrients for the plant that normal tap water cannot.  

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