Thursday, 18 April 2013

BRI1 still doing very well

Hello guys. I'd like to share some pleasing news with all, last week Friday my group and I went paid a visit to our fish and like we anticipated he was doing very well. We also had a chance to see how the water was changed from the glass jars, prior to that we thought maybe all the water is sucked out, only to find that only the portion of the water is taken out. Well we think that it is a good idea to check up on the fish twice a week because we have realized that some people have no idea how their fish is surviving and in case that the fish dies, they would not know because the fish is not being visited. I even have started to be fascinated by the aquatic life since the inception of the betta project, I must really say that it is really a privilege to have chosen ESS as one of my modules, as an aspiring environmentalist. Thank you.

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