Sunday, 28 April 2013

Flower growth

Three weeks having my plant and and it is growing purple flowers. These flowers seem to be dying every three days and at first I was worried that I am not treating my plant well but then again I researched and found out that the flowers that grow in the plant have a short life span of not more than  three days if they are not kept outside since this is an outdoor plant and I am treating it as in indoor one. The new leaves are still becoming green and the plant seems to be taking up too much water I have to change the water three times a week. Although it helps the plant it is time consuming for me because the roots are tangled up so it is a very time consuming task
You can see the the purple flowers in the plant, they grow on average three at a time and die right after the other.


  1. My plant has yet to flower. There is no indication yet that it will even produce a flower. Maybe I should compare my plant conditions with yours.

  2. Very pretty flowers my plant has the same effect my flowers grow today and die tomorrow.