Thursday, 18 April 2013

First week of hypoestes plant observation

Week 1: 

On receiving my plant I was extremely excited never mind happy to have my own plant, it was completely my responsibility, never had something (anything for that matter) that was totally my responsibility. I was taught of Photosynthesis and Respiration and the different but yet important events in these two processes, and the important relationship it had with the growth and production of necessary resources for the plant. I was immediately star struck by my plant and it was amazing how quickly I built feelings for this Hypoestes plant, I had an idea of the purpose it had on the nature and fundamental resource (O₂) it was responsible for producing. That was like my plants daily job, even before I made it my own.

I left it in its punnet for three days until I found a suitable jar/ container to transfer it into. Three days later I found a jar and then I started with the proceedings of the experiment.

My plant was 6cm tall the first day which was the 11 March 2013, which was also the first recorded day of my experiment. It had approximately 60 leaves. I followed the experiment guidelines on the back of my recording list of my plant, cleansed and dispersed the roots of my plant. I found a substrate of slightly large sedimentary rocks in the garden, added that in the jar. With the jar I got a white circular plastic “plate” and cut a hole in the middle and inserted my roots through this hole, then I submerged my roots in the water, the funnel allowed my leaves to be separated and be kept dry above the funnel.

Apart from the start process of my plant, my plant has lost many leaves even on the first day I received it. Adaption to the different environment could be the cause of this loss in leaves. My first flower started blooming in week one, which means I was doing something right. It grew one day and died the next, meaning the conditions were favorable for the development of the flower but not enough for it to have stayed alive on my plant. It grew a few new leaves and shoos, that was surprising because my leaves were dying in the process.
Regardless my plant was growing rapidly in its first week; crown grew a few centimeters taller since the first day. 

Here is a picture of my plant in the first week:

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