Monday, 22 April 2013


This is a photo of the Hypoestes plant, each student received a plant that they  should look after and should make notes on how the plant grows. The instructions was to put the plant in tap water and to observe the changes that take place in the plant. Each student had a choice to chose which color plant they wanted and I chose the white one. The Hypoestes plant has many different species. They are found throughout the tropical lands around the Indian ocean. The plant belongs to the Acanthoideae family. A name most commonly used for the plant is the Polka Dot Plant. Hypoestes have a short lifespan. The plant originated from Madagascar. The plant is very tough and can live under extreme conditions. The plants are mostly used as houseplants.I  observed that the plant has lost leafs and the new leafs that grow are different in color than the older leafs.

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