Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My plant is under attack!!!

My plant is adapting and growing quite well in the environment i have placed it in although the leaves are discolouring. The number of dying leaves are a lot more compared to the number of  new shoots. My plant is growing in length. There have been three purple flowers. two appearing on the same day and one blooming a few days after. The flowers do not bloom for very long, they died and fell off a few days after they have bloomed. I haven't changed the water of my plant yet because the water is still clear and does not give off any odors. I have however added more water to my vase because there has been a loss of water, i think this is because my plant is in an extremely humored room and the heat causes evaporation. My plant isn't in direct sunlight and i have noticed that it grows tilting towards the sunlight. I have also noticed there are many tiny white bugs on my plant, mainly all along the stem. They are called mealy bugs and are plant pesticides that like to live in hot climates. I have done research on these bugs, it has been said that they are very harmful. The best way to get rid of them is to place the plant in a cold condition. The bugs aren't used to the cold . I have moved my plant to a cooler window pane.  Hopefully i can get rid of them and my plant can move back to its previous climate.

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