Monday, 29 April 2013

Unwanted attention

for the past 2weeks i have not been giving my plant much attention, i did not do water changes, i did not follow through on changing the container size as i said i would do, and guess what my planted has grown faster over this past 2 weeks when i was not giving it any attention than than in the 4weeks that i have been maintaining it, my plant has new shoots, new leaves, the roots has grown longer and it has become green again in stead on a of yellow green color, the plant does not seem to want my attention and than it behaves well, but giving it attention and i do not get a good response, the water color has not changes much it is pretty clean still and in amazed by the results i have been seeing.

As for my groups fish experiment things are looking good, our fish is calm it has a made a bubble  nest and when i am visiting her she has been floating either just between the roots or at the top, really happy and impressed with the nitrates, and nitrate levels as well as the ammonia levels  (RPI2) watch this space, futher in the week more detailed information on out plant

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