Sunday, 14 April 2013

Plant Vs. Fish

The three picture above are of the fish and my plant at home. In the second picture it can be seen that the plant is growing well. It has an average of about 5 new shoots per day and about 6 leaves dying per day. I change the water at least once a week or when the water changes colour. At times the plant seems to be shrinking but it still seems healthy. When the plant is exposed to more sunlight it becomes bigger. The initial colour of the plant has also changed and has become lighter.

If we compare the plant with the fish and the plant at home, then it is evident that the roots of the plant at home is thicker. The picture of the roots of the plant at home also shows new roots forming. The darker part of the roots are the old roots, where the lighter roots on the left is lighter.

From reading other blogs, I have seen that some plants have grown flowers. Neither the plant with the fish nor the plant at home has grown flowers, only new shoots.

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