Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Snowy's New Guest

Hello hey:)

Recently my friend and Bob her white hypoestes plant moved in with Snowy and I. I immediately noticed differences in the ways in which the two plants were growing. Bob seemed to be more dwarfed in comparison to Snowy and I assume this is because Bob spends most of its time in indirect sunlight while Snowy could pass for a sunflower by the way it responds to the sun. Snowy is much taller on the other hand she loses more leaves on average than Bob with about 23 leaves having died so far. She grows about 5 new shoots a day though which is positive and she doesn't seem to mind that she has to share her sunlight with Bob. She has such diva tendencies hey! hahaha
*Look out for comparisons of Snowy's vitals with her distant relative hypoestes living with a Betta fish...coming soon*

Love, Peace & Happiness.....XOXO

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