Friday, 19 April 2013

The Death Of Gift

This week was a very bad week for my plant gift, I literally saved my plant from death. As you know Gift was given a new home in a balcony, but after all it was not a good idea. As we all know that yesterday was a very windy day and Gift was left alone in the balcony, sadly enough the wind was strong to an extent that it blowed away the plant. By the time I discovered this incident it was a bit late but I managed to save the plant for now. To me this incident has been a learning curve to be more cautious about environmental conditions with regards to my plant Gift, secondly this serves as a new experiment, what am thinking to myself right now is that will my plant make it? And will go back to its normal condition? Well none of knows but am in the stage of experimenting and I will discover.

Gift in the previous week

                                 The current situation of gift

The two other things that I would like to bring into consideration this week is the fish and the plant that lives with it. Now that this week's aquarium testing results showed no amount of nitrates and nitrites, even though this is considered to be good, what effect will it have on the plants? Are they not going to deteriorate from their current condition because there is no fertilizer present? Secondly from the different aquarium jars I noticed that some of them had algae at the buttom, is'nt this a sign of nutrients in the water? If not what is the cause of the algae? Many questions are left without answers, but with the duration of time we shall find answers as environmental scientists.


  1. when i read the healine, i just wanted to post my condolences...but then i read your post and gift is still allive so i guess it was a false alarm...

  2. When changing the location of your plant the plant usually looks like its dying but then eventually starts turning green and healthy again but I have lean't that moving it too many time is harmful.