Monday, 29 April 2013

I discovered that my plant is decreasing in its size.After the past week , there has been a regular loss of leaves.I also discovered that the water in which the plant is in changes colour much more rapidly (2days) than before (7 days).With no new shot and a continues loss of  leaves , i am certain to say my plant is coming to its end.

But what is the reasons for this?, My plant is situated in area with excessive sunlight.Initially the sunlight help the plant to grow .But I think it is causing more harmful now, due to leaves that burn.The temperature of the weather outside also plays a significant role in my plant losing it life.The cold and cloudy air cause the plant to restricted sunlight . With this no photosynthesis can take place and thus no production can happen . So the plant can not grow.
This has been my findings so far

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