Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My plant is experiencing its final days. The poor thing is really doing everything in its power to survive. The change of weather is also not helping at all and I doubt that the mosquitos in my kitchen know that pollinating a dying plant doesn’t help.

I decided not to move my plant around anymore, just let it grow in the exact position that it is. I noticed an expected change in the direction my plant is growing. My plant is situated on the westerly side of my house where it is exposed to the most amount of sunlight. The stems and most of the leaves grow in this direction as if sunlight is not enough. My plant has grown at a rapid rate in the past two weeks. This could be due to a number of reasons namely: this is a defence mechanism or simply that during these two weeks the conditions were at its prime. There is also a noticeable change in the spacing of the leaves. There are a lot of leaves close to the roots and close to the tips. I think the leaves close to the roots are taking up water faster now I don’t know how this contributes to the prolong life of plant itself. The leaves at the tips of greener and bigger therefor increasing the life of the plant due to increase of photosynthesis.

The roots of the plants are doing well though. They are growing and net roots are even present. The over all plant is not looking good. There’s a big difference between my plant at home and that in the lfs building. More detail too be expected including images and measurements  soon. My name is William Sonnenberg and I’m a B.sc student.

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