Thursday, 18 April 2013

Last Friday I went to look at our fish and how it was doing. From what I could see, the fish was alive and doing very well. The glass ’tanks’ were semi clean, but it kind of looked descent. The plant on the other hand wasn’t growing that fast like the one i have at home. The plant was fairly smaller than mine but it was doing the exact same thing that my plant does which is as soon as a leave dies in a few days a new shoot will this case it was appearing very slowly. The reason for slow growth could be a result of too little sunlight. I think if the plant had more light to perform photosynthesis it would grow better and faster.

From the two pictures you can also see a difference in the two different plants, one with the isolated fish and the other with the non isolated one. The one that is in the isolated fish seems to be growing better than the other one. This could be something to do with the stress levels of the two different fish.

As you can see my plant has many new shoots which are going bigger everyday.

not isolated
the fish
my plant

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