Friday, 19 April 2013

News on my Betta fish and White Hypoestes plant


My group was chosen to monitor the progress on our red betta  fish which had the roots of a white hypoestes plant suspended within its surroundings. My fish was isolated and had white cardboard sheets betweens its jar and another jar so that fish could'nt see each other.

The water was changed twice a week and in the 3L jar and with relation to the plant at home the water in the lab had more clarity than that at home due to the amount of water changes.

The roots of my plant at home were never as loose and free to absorb nutrients as the plant in the lab was as those leaves were growing nicely as they had more room to grow aswell.

The fish was very relaxed being isolated as we know that  male Symese Fighter Fish are very aggressive in a social environment.

The plant was getting enough sunlight for photosynthesis to occur and so far no flowers have bloomed from my hypoestes plant in the lab. This is another similarity that the plant in the lab has with my plant at home.

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