Thursday, 18 April 2013

Second week of my plant's observation

Week 2:

Under constant environmental conditions, in comparison to the previous encounter I had with my increasingly dying leaves this week I only had 5 leaves that died in total for the week. Crown grew taller, resulting in a strange appearance of my plant. I had two new flowers grow on my plant, which also died just the next day, and a few new shoots made their appearances.

This week I made a strange discovery, my tall crown-shoot was suddenly tilting. I learnt in the lectures of this specific week that the tilting could be caused by gaseous (O₂ and CO₂) exchange. Due to my plant being on the window sill with an open window, I did this for the process of 
 Photosynthesis in my plant to proceed gradually. Oxygen and carbon dioxide is needed and available at any time and place but I just thought it was necessary to do this regardless.

I made a suggestion to why this is happening to my plant and I think it could be that it is growing towards the window that is opened for more resources (gaseous exchange). This condition gave my plant a very strange appearance and it proceeded in this manner for the rest of the duration of my experiment.

Picture of my plant's flowers and its colour:

Size of my plant:

Picture of my entire plant:

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