Thursday, 18 April 2013

My plant came back to life!

Up until last week, my plant had looked exactly the same as the day I received it, if not worse. I was getting worried. Leaves were starting die and shrivel off and I didn't have an explanation as to why. I had to take some action. Although my plant was on the counter near the kitchen window, I thought some more sun might make him happier. It did! Last week, I changed the water for the first time, even though it was still clear and looking fresh, I gave him a good rinse and got rid of all the dead leaves, then moved him to the windowsill where he now gets direct sunlight. He looks much healthier and has started getting taller as well. All in just one week!

In other news, he is almost entirely green now, with maybe only a few discolourations on 3 or 4 leaves. I'm not quite sure when he lost all of his red vibrancy, it must have been a gradual process. His roots have also grown tremendously. They're perhaps the only things that have made direct progress since I brought him home. The roots are filling up almost the entire container now.

Will post some pics soon :) 

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  1. It would be nice to see a picture of your plant