Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Fourth week of my Hypoestes plant observation

Week 4:

My plant has grown an amazing 14cms since the first time I received it. This week my plant looks even better the green colour is exhilarating and it is growing rapidly. My plant grew three flowers in this week and had only three dying leaves; it also grew a few new shoots.

A few days later I measured it again and it grew 2cms taller which is excellent because evidently it only took my plant two days to grow so fast. After all it is a small plant.
The water surprisingly became almost clear; I have no subsequent reason as to why this had happened. My plant has seemed to have absorbed all the nutrients and as well as the ‘colour’ of the water. The roots are now bright green, as opposed to last week when it was dark green in colour.

Pictures of my plant in this week:


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