Friday, 19 April 2013

Last week friday my ess classmates(Abongile,Samantha,Vincent) and I we went to go check on our fish.We found the fish in good condition.The plants are so far so good.We found one of the sinior students changing the water in the fish jars,she was using a filter which sucked up all the waste in the water and the contaminated water went down the  pipe then into the bucket.Then to fill in the jar again she used a sort of funnel to make sure that as the water fills in the flowing water does not disturb the substrates in the tank and most importantly the fish.This is interesting.

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  1. I just want to add that we actually played around with the fish by putting our fingers on the glasses to see if the fish would actually follow the this is no hypothesis but i must say the fish responded more to the gilrs(me, rosette and samantha), and vince...well lets just say the female fish stared at him:).... Some male bettas weren't keen on playing the game I must say, but others were good sport.. I actually miss them now..especially the blue one... #will go and check them out tomorrow:):)