Monday, 22 April 2013

So I took home a green flower and for interest sake took a picture of it on the first day just after placing it into water. This is how it looked.Now I must admit it took me forever to clean the roots completely from a tangled ball of sand to what they look like on the picture. The roots are short and still tangled, the water is clean for obvious reasons and the leaves are quite green.
Now a few weeks have passed till this very day and alot of changes have taken place that set the orginal state of the plant apart from what it is now. Take a look at how it looks now.

The roots have grown so much.I refrained from adding or changing water until I woke up one day and someone had filled the jar to the top with water.I suppose my mother did so. At first I was really frustrated as I thought this would interfere with my control as it would'nt demonstrae the true quantity of water used up by my plant, which is true but I reasoned that eventually I'd need to add more water as the plant uses it up. The new shoots grow to be more pale compared to the original leaf colour and that was the first thing I noticed. As for the behaviour of the plant, if there is such a phenomenon, when the sun is basking through the window onto the jar the roots appear to be much straighter and then they'll losen up during the night.Strange.The leaves die really quickley and just fall away. There are flowers now, but they are'nt all that appealing but how else would they reach they full potential when they are not getting the required nutrients.

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