Sunday, 28 April 2013

Dying leaves

This is what my plant currently looks like. The bottom leaves seem to be deteriorating faster than normal as can be seen from the picture (the brown leaves at the bottom). Also the top leaves are almost completely green with very few pink spots and almost none of the original colour remains. I still do my weekly water change, and just top up when necessary during the week. The powdery substance that was on the roots and stem have gone and have not reappeared yet. It does, however, seem that the plant is still growing. This is because there are so many new roots forming in the vase and it has become more bushy. Maybe the plant is just having an off few days and therefore its sheddng its leaves. I will monitor it closely and update if there are any changes.


  1. when viewing your plant i noticed that your leaves are all green and no longer red.

  2. miss haywood your plant looks very healthy and upright. Mine has started growing flowers but ever since the arival of those beautiful flowers my plant has been dying. Point being im happy to see your plant doing well