Thursday, 18 April 2013

my marvellous plant

Hi everyone we are doing ESS121 as we know what we call an Adaptive Management  which is a tool to improve our environment and it is also about  making orbsevations, monitoring and learning. So we have been given two things to monitor and to do orbsavation so that we can learn by doing that we are appling Adaptive management. We were given a plant to take it home and another one with a fish that will be in a lab. 

I am thankful to our lecture for giving me a child to take of . I call it my child because I take full responsibility of. As a mother who changes her baby a dypers I change the water of my plant twice a week. I am so pleased guys to tell you it has been doing well. I orbseve an avarege of five shoots per week .Each day it grows a new shoots and less leaves that dies. It growing each and every day but same as a child you wont notice a difference until some further time.

Now he is big boy if it was a real person i will be saying he is about to begine a pre school now. This development of this plant its because I real take good care of it.I  wont share a name of it now someone might copy  it and its unique plant and it has its uniqeu name. There is picture of him.

Any way i must share a name it Sange junior that comes from my name.

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  1. i see that you really adore you plant and surely you are taking good care of it