Thursday, 18 April 2013

Lets get to the root of the problem

The pictures above show the roots of my plant at home as well the the roots of the plant with the Betta. It is clear that the roots of the plant at home is growing more vibrantly than the roots with the Betta. Even though the roots of the plant with the fish seems to be longer, the other roots are fuller and is sprouting new ones. Is it possible that the fish is feeding off the roots that they are thinner than the plant at home? My thoughts were that the roots of the plant with the Betta should be fuller and more vibrant due to all the nutrients that it is receiving because of the fish in the water compared to the plant at home that is not receiving any nutrients only clean water. I have also not observed any new roots on the plant with the Betta, but the plant at home has been sprouting lots of new roots in the past week. The older roots seem to be turning brown, but new roots are growing almost daily.

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