Thursday, 18 April 2013

Condition of my plant

Greetings you all, I'm happy to let all of you know that my plant is growing quite well. On average the plant grows 2 new shoots per day and 3 dying leaves per day. I change the water atleast once in two weeks. When I compare the plant with the fish and the plant I'm keeping at home, I see a major difference in that the plant I have at home has got longer and thicker roots than the plant that is with the fish.

The plant with the fish is growing tremendously well as expected because it gets all the nutrients from the fish's waste. Suprisingly there are no flowers popping out instead the leaves have started to shrink. I will upload the pictures of my plant st a later stage as  I am unable to do so now

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  1. the common thing that ihve noticed is that in each and everyones plant there are leaves dying