Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Visit to the Nature Reserve

I heard that the University had a nature reserve, but never actually knew where it was. We visited the nature reserve last week and Thursday. Mr Knight and the manager first gave us some information about the reserve before we went for a walk trough the reserve to observe the different animal and plant species. The walk turned out to be tough because it was very hot and there was almost no shade. We learned about the different animals and plants in the reserve, it was surprising for me that the reserve was so near the university. We learned that the Sandveld is located on the slacks, it is acidic, it contains low nutrients, it is the older region of the land. We learned that the Cape thicket is located on the dunes, it is alkaline, it is not low in nutrients and is the younger part of the land. There was a unplanned fire in the reserve, but luckily there was not so much damage. As we walked trough the reserve I noticed that the reserve was close to the train station and I never even saw it, The most interesting thing I saw in the reserve was the man made wetland.

This is a picture of the different plants and the wetland.

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