Sunday, 28 April 2013

ruby my love

I'm afraid that I've given Ruby her last water change and that Ruby will be dead by next week if a miracle doesn't happen. The only thing that I can think of that I did that could have caused my plant to deteriorate so rapidly is that  I moved it quite often and during the week 1-3 I didn't do any water changes. All Ruby's leaves is dying and the stem is actually bent and there are no new shoots.

However, the plant roots have gotten dense during the last few weeks meaning that its looking for nutrients to take up and since there is only water and no substrate like the Betta plant has therefore the plant is dying.  I think that all the plants in the water will die when it realizes that there is no nutrients. All the components of an ecosystem is important and plays a vital role and once one is removed the effects is as sad as my Ruby is in her current state.

I will keep on changing my plants water in false hope until her dying day.


  1. I have also been noticing that my leaves have been dying faster than usual. I hope that my plant does not follow suit. My roots is also becoming thicker and many new root shoots have formed.

  2. Please put your plant near the window so that the leaves could get enough energy. Photosynthesis is very important to the plant. Thank you.