Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Fifth week of my Hypoestes plant observation

Week 5:

Last week that plant absorb all the nutrients in the water and because it was such dirty and somewhat decayed water, I thought it was going to deteriorate my plant’s condition and it resulted in the exact opposite. My plant’s shoots at the bottom of the plant has grown extremely thick and bushy.

 The roots have wrapped around the stones (medium), which are currently look awfully plagued, by my attempt to see the length of my entire plant I noticed that as I was tugging on the plant the stones were lifting. I realised that my roots were too long and started invading the stones space and attached to them.

My plant grew taller and hit a personal record of growing a ‘whopping’ five flowers in one week that is like growing one flower per day.
Pictures of my plant in this week:
The change in the colour of the water and my roots:

Length of my plant:

My entire plant:


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  1. wow your plant looks great like the complete opposite of mine.