Thursday, 18 April 2013


Greetings to all this is Nomanesi Makhonco. In ESS we are currently doing an investigation to see how a certain plant from Asia called Hypoestes will react if it is put in a fish tank with the fish called the Betta fish we use the male Bettas as its source of nutrient as the fish  will give off waste in this way the plant will be able to take in  the nutrients,the other plant we took home as the control this plant we were told to take out of the soil place it into clear normal tap water and then observe what would occur. The objective of of this investigation is to see how waste and nutrients,and carbon dioxide and oxygen are used in a semi-closed ecosystem. now in my opinion I already knew what would happen I thought that the plant that I had at home would not even last a week BUT to my SURPRIZE the plant is still standing stronger than ever.I named it pinky as when I received it it,it had spots of pink and green really beautiful with bright pink leaves. In the past weeks she has been loosing her leaves but growing them at the same time, here are some pictures of pinky:

From my recent observation my plant has been losing its original leaves and growing and its becoming more green with its new leaves and its roots are growing.As you can see from the above pictures the water is bit brown I donot kow what causes that I change the water every two weeks.And I take the planrt out every now and then inorder for i to receive sunlight and the air.

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