Monday, 1 April 2013

I got green hands... After all

What turned from an average day at the office spiralled into a 18 hour character building, patients testing, day I so badly want to forget.

Thursdays are one of my hectic days. My day at campus starts at 8:30 and ends at 18:30. After receiving my plant I was struck with a sudden concern for my little red photosynthetic friend, I drive a motorbike. How am I getting it home without hurting it? More importantly, seeing that I have training  in a few minutes, how do I keep this plant from being the arsenal my fellow team-mates use to attack me in the locker room?

Luckily for me I could find a small box to put my plant in. Perfect size and shape. I then had to force it in my Karimore back-pack next to my lunch box and training shoes. I knew it looked funny but at least my plant was going to be okay. Unfortunately for me, thats where the happily ever after ends. I get the stadium and I'm already 10mins late and I am getting myself ready to run an extra lap. I completely forgot to close my bag completely as everyone was already busy warming up. Lets just say after practise I was no longer Willie with the safe hands but rather with the green once. After being called from Old mcDonald to the first coloured Sangoma, I was on my way home.

On arrival I took my plant out and started to clean the roots as best I could. Turns out this job sounds easier then it actually is.Luckily for me my mom had a vase with a 3L capacity. Of couse this had to be found first. After spending 2hours cleaning, adjusting and finding the perfect place to put my plant. "Man what a beauty" I thought.

To summarise what has happened in the health and other aspects of my plant. For some reason everything is going good. To date I have nearly 20 new leafs formed and 9 leafs died. My plant is busy losing its red colour however it is growing nice and tall at a stable rate. My roots have spread out nicely. I have a small problem developing with insects but I guess they need to survive as well.

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