Monday, 8 April 2013

My White Hypoestes

07/03/13: Day of plant transfer. Transfer into new habitat was successful. Plant was cleaned off its soil, rinsed and placed into a plastic container.

09/03/13: Planted was placed on the window until noon (12:24). No new shoots, no flowers but the edges/tips of some leaves have developed brown and dry colours.

11/03/13: Plant was rinsed and put in fresh water. Some of the leaves seem to be turning to a light green

13/03/13: Light green leaves have turned to a dry brown. Texture is dry and leaves have shrunk.

17/03/13: Today I changed the water in the container and washed/rinsed the roots. Images were also taken for comparison with the images taken on 07/03/13. Growth appears to be evident.

05/04/13: The Plant continues to grow; new shoots are growing nearly on a daily basis. No sign of any flowers growing. When put directly under the sun I notice that some leaves break (tear), nevertheless they do not die.

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