Friday, 12 April 2013


Starting with the plant. The roots look white and they growing very long going downwards. This observation on its own made me to realise that I was correct last time when I said Destroyer( my plant without a fish)  has roots that are combined together and form a circle because they are at the bottom of the container therefore there is no way for them to grow downwards as the plant with Sparrow does. The plant roots are in the air way up from the bottom of the jar  which allows the gravity to pull them  downwards because of bigger surface area underneath them. There is few of them however about 8 when I counted. The problem of shrinking of leaves seems to be everywhere because  in both the Destroyer and the plant  with Sparrow, it"s the same story. However I'm partly excited, the leaves looked very green and health in the plant when I observed and were not showing any signs that they would die any time soon. I assume it is because of the fact that the nutrients are constantly provided to them by the fish. Leaves that I saw collected were 4 and my current concern is that 3 big leaves that are still alive at their edges are changing color to brown.

Talking about Sparrow, she seemed to be enjoying being there the way I saw her. She was quit energetic when making moves. She is bigger than the first time i saw her. She was happy to see me the way I see it because she kept moving every moment I spent with her until I left. Water is cold enough to accommodate her. I am worried again about the stones that generate the bacteria at the bottom, the color changed to form brown spots at the edges. Will it not have any effect to the sparrow"s health.I need to find out.

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