Thursday, 11 April 2013

The condition of my pinky plant

Greetings to all this is nomanesi the mother of pinky the pinky plant I am happy to report that she is in good condition although she is not in her usual evironment as she is a control experiment we wanted to see what would happen to the plant growth of plants if one plant was put in a tank with a fish (a Betta) where there were nutrients and what would happen if another plant of the same species was put in a totally different evironment this no soil ,no nutrients just water and this  would be the plant that I have at home named Pinky becauase of its colour.what we had to do was to first remove the plant (pinky) from the soil and then place her in a jur and make sure that there were no nutrients and just water,the result that I aspected was that the plant that I have would die in a couple of days but to my surprise the plant is growing beautifully, oh my brave pinky I guess its because shes from Asia.heres a picture of her

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