Thursday, 11 April 2013

my home plant

I am back to give you information about the progress about my plant. The first day i took my plant home, i decided to take a picture to see how the plant had changed over time. This is how it looked before.

from this picture you can see that i have untangled the roots and cleaned it.Over the first two days I changed the water, by doing this I was cleansing the roots. Initially the plant was 8 cm in height and there were hardly any new shoots. After a month this is how my plant looks from the side.
and this is how it looks from the front....
The plant has grown 4 cm more in its height and the roots have grown longer as well. I compared the first picture and this picture and looking at the quality of water, it seems that it has stayed the same as it is still clear. The roots have also grown more to the side of the jar than in the middle of the jar, this is because the roots of plants grow away from the light than towards it. There are more shoot growth than before, more leaves have died and they die really quickly if exposed to constant sunlight, but the plant leaves have still retained its white colour, but lately i have been seeing that the new shoots have been producing green leaves. and here is a picture
i wonder why this is occurring?.....i will be back to to tell you exactly why this occurs.

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