Thursday, 11 April 2013

RRI1 water observation

Our group received a red Hypoestes plant with a male Betta fish. After a observing the plant in the lab for the first week i got the following results:

week 1: NO3 (mg/l): 10-25
              NO2 (mg/l): 1
               KH 3
               pH < 6.4
The nitrite (NO3) level in this week was a course for concern. The levels where too high
in second week i obtained the following results:

week 2:  NO3 (mg/l): 0-10              NO2 (mg/l): 0
              KH 3-6
              pH < 6.4

These results look a bit better than week 1 because the nitrite (NO3) level decreased and so did the NO2. These results where obtained from the water of the plant and how it varies throughout week one and two respectively.

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