Monday, 8 April 2013

My plant was named Neoplitan by a friend of mine. On the day of recieving Neopolitan i attempted to clean the roots of all the sand. I managed to get most of the sand off. Then I used  Pump water bootle and cut the top part of the bottle off, filled the bottle with water and used the part i cut off as a funnel to hold Neopolitan upright. I placed the plant close to my widow where it does not get direct sunlight. I thought my plant was going to die, amazingly it still lives!
After a few weeks i noticed the difference in colouration of the new leaves compared to the old leaves, there is a much lighter green in the stem where new growth has taken place. Not many leaves have fallen off, compared to the amount of new leaves there are. Hope it grows to be a big Neopolitan.

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