Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Its really good  to see that the  roots are growing rapidly like this. The day i received my plant soon after removing the soil, they seemed weak as if they were not at all going to survive not to mention the fibrous roots, one touch they would break i thought, so I was so gently for that matter. After putting them into the water in the container a  week passed on they started to change the color from light brown (their original one) to white and the main root(taproot) at the center of all roots was ahead when i measured their growth rate. What I have noticed during the past few weeks concerning their behavior is that instead of spreading and astray from each other, they prefer to come together and form  a circle at the center as shown at the pic on your right hand side. This trend is pursued  by both bigger and smaller roots. I then concluded that possible reasons could be that  the container does not have adequate area or space for the roots to spread freely at the bottom as they would have in the soil, they deliberately come together and enclose. This pattern of roots is provoked by that the roots are constantly growing regardless of space availability that is limited and ultimately form that circle as they embrace rather than going out. I particularly feel sympathetic
because i personally reckon that what happens instantly to these roots is like to us when we are enclosed in a small area where we unable to be free we feel stressed and patronized  It is literally like being in jail for these roots and I'm looking for the solution that will ultimately satisfy the experiment. There is no other way i suppose than changing the container into a bigger one. Will notify you if there are any feasible changes. Thanks.

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