Wednesday, 10 April 2013

This week I decided to put up pictures of my plant Gift as I call it. At first Gift was living in my room window, but since the was no sunlight going into my room, I asked a friend who has a room with a balcony to put it there in order for it to get sufficient sunlight and I visit the plant everyday to collect data about its progress, put more water on it or change the water and I must say I am unhappy and concerned about its current condition. When the plant was given to me it was still colourful with beautiful red and green leaves, after some time the bright leaves eventually become dull, some leaves even died in the process. Before I took the plant to the balcony, it was starting to develop five colourful leaves but a few days after changing its environment the five leaves also changed to become dull and now the whole plant looks dull and unhappy, it was actually making me happy to see some improvement in my plant but am thinking maybe its because of the change to a new environment. The loss of leaves in my plant is relatively low at the moment but no new flowers have developed since i got the plant. Comparing my home plant with the other plant which resides in the aquarium with the fish, my observation is that the plant in the aquarium is well developed and colourful even though it is not exposed to direct sunlight, this leads to a conclusion that the plants need some kind of fertilizer to show progress since South Africa is not their natural environment. The excretion of the fish acts as a fertilizer to the aquarium plant. Even with the difference between the two plants, I still have hope that my home plant(Gift) will eventually develop even if it does not reach the standard of the aquarium plant. The home plant is showing improvement in terms of growth but the leaves are not promising as seen in the pictures. Thank you!!

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