Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Slow Grower

The slow grower
The Plant which i am growing at home, grows at a very slow pace, even though i have not changed the water since the start of the experiment. The water has changed to a light brown colour, but still is transparent. No murkiness seems to have appeared in the jar as would be expected.
The old dead leaves falls into the water via the funnel. The leaves which are in the water changes colour from brown to an opaque, semi-transparent leaf. The leaves of the plant was at first white with green details and patterns on them. now after a few weeks the old white leaves does not exist anymore . all the leaves have now become green with white details on them. the newer leaves grow out as green in colour.
The plant is placed in a spot, inside the house where sufficient sunlight can feed it. I think that the nutrients in the unchanged water water provides the plant with sufficient food in order to grow. the dead leaves which fall into the water provides nitrogen for the growing plant after it decomposes.

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