Thursday, 11 April 2013

So it seems my plant is dying, it is growing really slow in comparison to the speed at which it grew in the first few weeks, with only 2-3 shoots growing daily some days it is as little as 1 shoot per day.  My plant had grown a flower but it seemed the flower had died in less than 2 weeks. I can’t seem to understand why my plant is growing so poorly in the last 2 weeks, for at first my plant would grow up to 5 and 6 shoots daily.
 I have noticed that the one side of my plants leaves were mostly red and brown in colour and the other side was mostly green with only red speckles. I thought that this might be due to the fact that maybe one side of the plant might be getting more sunshine than the other and that might be the reason for the one side being very red and dry and the other side of the plant more green. When comparing my latest results have seen noticed that my plant is now loosing much more leaves than it previously did, in the first two weeks of having my plant at home it hardly even lost any leaves.
Another observation that I have made was that most of the leaves at the bottom of the plant does not seem to be growing well at all, they seem to remain small for much longer than the leaves that are on top of the plant. The top leaves are nice and big and does not take long to grow but that does not seem to be the case with the bottom leaves.
 My plants roots seems to be growing thickly, it may seem that the container I have my plant in might be too small for the thick roots.
Despite the fact that my plants leaves are dying, my plant seems to have grown more than 3cm since I got it and it has 2 more flower buds, hopefully these flowers would last longer than the first one. I cannot think of any explanation as to why my plants condition is deteriorating for I have kept my plants conditions as constant as possible, but I think the water might be the problem. I have not changed my plants water since I had it at home, I will be changing my plants water today and hopefully I would see a pleasant change in my plant.

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