Friday, 5 April 2013

My hypoestes plant

Hello Hey:)

I must say I found it a bit odd the way most of my classmates named their plants. From Bob to Aquamarine, it seemed quite bizarre but after a few days with my plant and seeing no definite progress I decided that maybe naming it would get me a better response. I figured I needed to be more personal with it so I named it Snowy, my green and white hypoestes. Snowy lives in what used to be a mayonnaise glass jar in tap water that I change weekly. I used gauze as a filter. I placed my plant on the night stand opposite the window where it gets indirect sunlight. it seems to be growing towards the light. There have been a few new leaves which are not similar to the old leaves as they are bit dull in colour. Some leaves have been browning and falling off. There seems to be more root growth then leaf growth. I'm not sure whether my plant's progress is good or bad overall. That's about it for now.
Love, Peace & Happiness....XOXO

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