Thursday, 4 April 2013

The destroyer

my plant (destroyer) is doing well instantly and growing slowly. However i have encountered some issues recently as the leaves are not strongly green and the roots are growing very fast. Furthermore they are not even stable, almost after every 3 days there are 4 or five leaves collected on the floor died. These problems have brought nothing but stress to me that is one of the reasons why i gave it the name destroyer. The problem of  roots growing rapidly has provoke me on changing the plant"s container and got a bigger one. The current one enables them to spread and gragually multiply. Initially i put it on the table near the window and and found that there was lot of leaves dying each week unlike now relatively speaking. I reckon that it due to too much sunlight exposure and simple that others were blown by wind as they were not inadequately strong at that time. After changing the position, mentioned issues started to decline. I love my destroyer though, very nice thing to have it in the house.

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